Day TWO:

Day TWO and yes you’re going to show up – again!  Yes, you are – because your worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Your future is worth it.  Your family is worth it.  So when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning, hear it – acknowledge it – and get up.  These 10 minutes are for YOU – but it goes so far beyond the 10 minutes in the morning.  This will change your whole day and set you up for success.

Today’s Motivational Message:

Get up an hour (or even 15 minutes) early … and you’ll live an hour more!

I’ll just let you ponder that one for a moment.  You’re doing this for your health and future!

So let’s chat about your day TWO workout …

~  10 band bicep curls

~  10 crunches

Repeat 3 times through – then move on with your day 🙂

For the curls – you will need a resistance band – and I just love using bands!!  They help you zone in right on the muscles we want to work – and the tension forces you to work both the eccentric and concentric part of the move.   Keep your elbows pinned right below your shoulders, so no swinging.  Curl up and control down.

For the crunches –  reach your arms forward & keep your chin tucked to your chest.  Use your breath through the move – as you exhale, press your belly button into your spine and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.  Control back down!  Don’t just fall!  Use control to build strength.

Take control of your health – take control of your future.  It honestly starts by you taking control of your morning and your day.  You’ve got this!