Day six

Heading into the weekend – and I know what you’re thinking.  AWWWW do I have to set my alarm tomorrow and still get up early on Saturday?  That’s up to you and your schedule.  What I usually recommend – if you’re usually one to sleep in on Saturdays – still set an alarm like you did all week, but it’s ok to go ahead and make it a bit later.  Take a bit of a sleep in (you’ve earned it), but still have that alarm set for a reasonable time.  And when it goes off?  GET UP.

Your motivation message today:

Will it be EASY?  NOPE.  Will it be WORTH IT?  ABSOLUTELY!!

We’re building habits here – and breaking old ones.  We’re focusing on health.  On energy.  On vitality.  But yes – it means changing some old habits.  Perhaps some sleeping-in habits.  Perhaps some sedentary habits.  Changing some snooze button habits.  But you, my friend, are worth it.  Believe it.

YES – we’re still sweating on Saturdays.  Remember it’s only about 10 minutes.  Then you can crush it through your weekend feeling accomplished and awesome.  Cuz you are.

Your day SIX workout:

~  10 Side Lunges

~  10 Bicycle

Repeat 3 times then go enjoy your Saturday!

For side lunges – keep both feet planted on the floor, 1 knee bent, the other straight.  Really sit into the glute on the bent leg.  Then use your inner thigh to pull back in.  Alternate sides – keeping your chest lifted throughout.

Get down for the bicycle.  Have your hands gently by your ears – 1 leg is extended out, the other bent in.  Then change.  Think in opposition – 1 leg extends, the other pulls into the chest – and reach your opposite armpit towards your knee.  Keep your chin to your chest, and lower back pressing into the ground.

Phew that was a lot!  You’ll get better each time you do this.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect today.  Honestly – this whole challenge is just about showing up.  It’s not about perfection at all!  Just.  Show.  Up.  Everyday.  Alarm goes off – get up and move your body.  And enjoy all the benefits from these new habits!