Day Eight

Week 2!!  Let’s DO THIS!!  First off – let’s take a moment to celebrate YOU.  We’re heading into the 2nd week – you’re showing up.  That is honestly THE most important thing here.  Just showing up shows your commitment to yourself.  To getting better.  To getting healthier.  To getting more energized.  More awesome.  So I first off want to take a moment to celebrate you for being here.

And now – to today’s motivational message:

Go to bed with a desire to succeed.  Wake up ready to give what it takes!

I love this one so much!!  Go to bed each night knowing you’re going to show up.  Set your intentions.  Go to bed early.  Plan on getting your 7-8 hours of sleep.  Prepare – lay out your workout clothes so they’re ready to go.  Be ready for success when you go to bed.  Then – when that alarm goes off – what do we do?  WE GET UP.  We SHOW up.  And we do what it takes to reach our goals.  YOU are AWESOME and I know you’ve got this!

OK so let’s chat about the workouts moving forward.  Here’s the thing – you already know what’s coming.  You’ve been through it already 🙂 All the workouts from week 1 get repeated through weeks 2 & 3.  I told you – we keep it simple!  Only thing that changes – I add in a few extra reps 🙂 Your welcome!  We always gotta keep working at getting better!

So for your DAY EIGHT workout:

~  15 Good Mornings (hinge forward at the hips – pressing booty back, then tucking under to pull back up)

~  15 Push Ups (knees or toes – be sure to lead with chest and keep core braced & hips tucked under)

Repeat 3 times then ROCK IT into your Monday!