Day nine

Let me ask you this – how does it feel when that alarm goes off?  We’re heading into day 9 now … and for most people, by now it’s getting easier.  For some, you may even start to wake up BEFORE the alarm!  Can you even imagine!  It will happen.  You’re building habits – and it feels good, hey?  Energizing, empowering, uplifting habits.

So for your motivational message today, it’s actually quite simple …


Enough said.  Just do it.  Wake up.  Work out.  Be Awesome – all day long!  I know you can do it 😉

The workout for day NINE is:

~  15 Banded bicep curls

~  15 crunches

Repeat 3 times – in & done!  And then let the AWESOME just be 🙂

Curls & crunches – it’s a great set!  Go rock it, then comment and let us know what you’re most proud of from going through this challenge.  Is it getting stronger in a certain exercise?  Is it you’re sleeping better?  Feeling better?  Is it you don’t dread your alarm anymore?  Are you more productive or friendly?  What are YOU most proud of from going through this?  We want to support and celebrate you.