Block 5: Asymmetrical Training

About Asymmetrical Training:

Most workouts that we do use bilateral exercises, which require us to pull or push with both arms and/or both legs simultaneously.  However – in this block we’re changing things up!  We’re going asymmetrical and focusing on one side at a time!  This is a fun and super effective protocol that will challenge your clients in a whole new way!

There are so many benefits to asymmetrical training:

Many functional movements in life are actually asymmetrical!  Think even walking  – one foot is ahead of the other and the arms are swinging in opposite directions.  Asymmetry!  Using this block of asymmetrical training with your clients will really help them make their daily life movements easier, stronger & safer.

Reduce dissimilarities –  We typically have 1 side of the body that is stronger than the other.  When we train both arms/legs together, the stronger one usually kicks in and does most of the work.  Not in this block!  We’re targeting both sides separately – so both sides need to kick in equally!  Your clients will love this!

Asymmetrical training  works core strength & balance to the max!  This is because when working 1 side of the body, the other needs to kick in and stabilize.  The body is forced to engage the core to maintain balance.

And lastly – asymmetrical training forces clients to really focus in!  Only 1 side is moving, so they get a deeper mind-body connection in that movement.

Give this protocol block a go with your clients – they’re sure to love it!

ABOUT The Functional Fitness Program:

The Functional Fitness program is an ever-growing, unbranded fitness program, designed for coaches to download and easily share with their clients.  Every other month a new block is released.  The program keeps growing – and the challenge gets better and better!

What Is Functional Fitness:

Squat.  Lunge.  Hinge.  Walk.  Rotate.  Push.  Pull.  These are the 7 functional movement skills we use in everyday life.  Functional Fitness trains all of these movements in a unique, fun, challenging, and inspiring way.

Why Functional Fitness is Important:

By mirroring the movements of daily life – like squatting, reaching, or even carrying a heavy object – building functional fitness can help increase the quality of life and reduce the risk of injury.  Functional Fitness basically makes daily life easier.

Recommended Weekly Split:

No matter how you chose to use the blocks … either stand alone, add on, or a mash-up from different months … This is our recommended weekly split calendar.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat/Sun
Pull Push Rest Core Functional Skills Rest

That said – you’re welcome to create your own calendar and do what works best for you and your clients.