For the next 21 days (and beyond!) let’s take control of our heart health.  Heart disease is the number one cause of death – but in so many cases, it is preventable!  Move your body, every day, and your chances of having heart disease decrease drastically!

The 21 day Heart-Pumpin’ Challenge will help boost your heart rate, increase your cardiovascular fitness, turn you into a fat burning machine, AND even extend your life!  All good things, right?

Here’s how the challenge works:

Each day, for 21 days, I’ll be posting a new cardio focused workout.  These are all bodyweight exercises – no equipment is required.  Anyone, anywhere can do them.  And – there will be modifications and intensifications offered – so everyone can be successful, no matter what level.

Week ONE – We start off with workouts at moderate intensity.

~   30 seconds of MODERATE intensity followed by 30 seconds of rest – per exercise.

~   1-3 rounds, depending on fitness level.

Week TWO – We progress to intervals of high intensity.

~  20 seconds of MODERATE intensity, then 20 seconds of HIGH intensity, followed by 20 seconds of rest – per exercise.

~  2-4 rounds, depending on fitness level.

Week THREE – We blast to the finish line adding in short bursts of SUPER HIGH intensity!

~ 30 seconds MODERATE, right into 20 seconds HIGH, finish with 10 seconds of ‘GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT’ intensity (total 60 seconds), followed by 30 seconds of rest – per exercise.

~  3-5 rounds, depending on fitness level.

PROGRESSION!  We’re starting slow, then building and progressing.  We’re getting stronger in our cardio – blasting a million calories – and having so much fun!!

Take control of your heart health with us:

Choose healthy eating options, most of the time.  Limit alcohol and smoking.  Take steps to control your cholesterol and blood pressure.  And MOVE your body, each day.

We’re so excited to have YOU in our 21 day Heart-Pumpin’ Challenge.  We start on Monday.

And – spread the word!!  Share with your friends and loved ones that you’re taking control of your heart health.  Invite them to join the HEART PUMPIN’ party.  We’d love to have them!