DAY 13

It’s Saturday, Saturday, Saturday … (if you know the song you’re still singing …’we’ll paint the town!’)

This is our FINAL push in week 2!!  And I just want to take a moment before we get started to acknowledge YOU.  YOU are showing up.  YOU are reading these posts each day.  YOU are getting your workouts done – some days are better than others.  Some days we modify.  It’s OK.  YOU  show up.  YOU are bringing the energy and effort.  And I am just oh so proud of you for being here.  THANK YOU for being you!

OK – now let’s get to work!  This is our final workout this week .. let’s ROCK IT!!

Saturday’s workout :

  • Reverse Lunges
  • Beast to Plank
  • Jumping Jacks
  • This is our final day in 40 seconds of work!!  Heads up – next week we go to 60!!  EEEKKSSS!!!  Enjoy the 40 today.
  • 20 seconds MODERATE … 20 HIGH … 20 seconds rest.
  • Repeat all exercises  2-4 rounds.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this yet – but one of the coolest things about getting fitter is how FAST we recover.  Have you noticed that yet?  As your heart gets stronger and more used to being challenged, it will recover faster.  Your heart rate will recover quicker.  Your breathing will level out again faster.  Have you noticed this yet?  Pay attention to it over this next week – it’s working!  Comment below and let us know if you’ve noticed a change with your recovery rate.