DAY 12

Shoutout to everyone who shared with us yesterday the activities they really enjoyed doing.  I loved hearing from you all!  You had amazing suggestions and it’s so cool all the different ways we really can move our bodies – and how different we all are in what we enjoy doing.  The amazing thing with activity – there are a MILLION different things to do.  I think it’s just so awesome.

Today we’re back at our heart-pumpin’ cardio!  Whoop whoop!!  Ready to rock today’s workout?  Oooo I am … so here we go …

Thursday’s exercises:

  • Hip Dips
  • Beast walks
  • 180 squat jacks
  • I know – we all LOVED this one so much last week – so I thought we’d do it again, lol!
  • 20 seconds MODERATE … 20 seconds HIGH … 20 seconds rest
  • Repeat all exercises – 2-4 rounds.

We have 2 more workouts in week 2.  2 more workouts at our moderate/high for 40 seconds range.  We are really gonna CRANK it next week – so enjoy these ones!!

Comment below with a WIN that you’ve had through this challenge.  Has a certain move gotten easier?  Has climbing the stairs or walking to work or anything else in your life gotten easier?  Have you noticed any changes?  We’d love to hear and cheer you on …