Three days in!  If you’re still showing up, you’re starting to build consistency!  Keep going.  Keep going.  Keep going.  But – it’s sometimes around now that people start to question if they should keep going.  I ask you this – WHY did you start.  ANytime you think about skipping the day’s workout – ask yourself WHY you registered in the first place.

Remember what we’re working on here – heart health.  Cardiovascular health.  It’s not just about sweat and fat burning.  Doing these workouts can literally add extra time to your life!  That’s powerful!  Just keep that in mind if you ever feel like skipping a workout.  You’re better than that.  You’re more important than that.  You CAN give yourself these 21 days.  You’re worth it.

So let’s get started with today’s set …

  • Fast Feet
  • Plank jacks
  • Squat kick


FAST FEET:  Honestly – it’s pretty self-explanatory for this one, lol!  Have your feet wider than hip width, stay on the balls of your feet, keep your knees bent – and move with fast feet!!!  Think like an athlete – a football player.  Be light on your feet and move them with speed, power, purpose & intensity!

PLANK JACKS:  It’s like a jumping jack, but in a plank!  So start first with awesome plank form (shoulders over wrists, eye gaze ahead of hands, hips tucked under, straight line from head to heels) … then keeping your upper body still, jump your feet open and closed.  Work to control the wobble in your upper body!

Modification:  tap your feet 1 at a time out and in, out & in – instead of jumping both together.

SQUAT KICK:  Squat down, like you’re sitting in a chair, then as you stand up, kick 1 leg forward.  Lower and squat down again, then kick the other leg forward.

Modification:  Lessen range of motion.  Squat as low as you’re comfortable with, and you can lower your kicks if needed.

Intensification:  Add POWER!  Get LOW in the squat, then really explode and power kick up.

Sund fun?  It IS!  So get to it, my friend.  30 seconds moderate intensity, 30 seconds rest each move.  Repeat 1-3 times.

We wanna hear from you when you’re done with your workout.  Comment below for accountability!