How was HIGH INTENSITY yesterday?  Did you LOVE it?  Or not so much, lol?  The good news – it gets easier.  Well – does it actually get easier, or do YOU get fitter?   Stick with it.  Keep pushing.  Keep challenging yourself.  You’ll get fitter each day.

Your Tuesday exercises are:

  • Side Lunges
  • Twisted Climbers
  • High Knee Skips
  • 20 seconds MODERATE intensity
  • 20 seconds HIGH intensity
  • 20 seconds rest
  • Then move onto the next exercise
  • Choose your level – Repeat 2-4 rounds

A reminder – I really want you to feel the first 20 seconds in just MODERATE intensity, then crank it for the last 20 into HIGH.  So we’re not going full high intensity for the full 40 seconds this week.  We’re still building.  But DO push yourself in that last 20 seconds.

Accountability check – comment below when you’re done – and post the emoji that best describes how you’re feeling today …