I hope you enjoyed your walk yesterday and you feel ready to get back to our heart pumpin’ workouts today 🙂

We’re almost through week 1 – we’ve got just 2 more workouts to go … so let’s jump right in …

Today’s workout:

  • Hip Dips
  • Beast walks
  • 180 squat jacks

HOW TO do today’s moves:

HIP DIPS:  Starting in an elbow plank (Shoulders over elbows, eye gaze ahead of hands, hips tucked under, straight line from head to heels) …dip your hip to one side, then pull back up and over to the other side.  Have your feet side so that you can drop them side to side and use your feet to help guide you.

Modification:  move from your knees if needed – and pause in child pose if you need a break throughout.

BEAST WALKS:  Some call them bear walks – but I say BEAST because you gotta be a beast to do them!  LOL!  Starting on all 4s with your shoulders over wrists, your hips over your knees, and a nice flat back – lift your knees up so they’re hovering 2 inches off the ground.  Then take 3 walks forward, and 3 walks back.  Keep hovering those knees 2 inches up!

Modification:  Just HOLD in beast!!  Trust me – that’s WORK!!  Keep your knees 2 inches off the ground.  Then when you’re ready, start to add in the walks.

180 SQUAT JACKS:  Jump to face 1 side while squatting wide & low … then jump back in to face center bringing feet together.  Repeat jump to squat facing the other side, then back to center, bringing feet together.

Modification:  Take the side to side out and just stay facing center .. and step instead of jump.

Intensification:  Add more power & speed through the jumps.

Today’s workout is not an easy one!!  Ask away if you have any questions – and let us know how you did with it.  We definitely want to see a sweaty selfie after this one!