This is your FINAL workout of week 1!  Tomorrow is rest day – but we gotta push just a little more to get through today.  The heart pumpin’ party is in full swing today!  Reach to rock??  Here we go …

Today’s Workout:

  • Reverse Lunges
  • Beast to Plank
  • Jumping Jacks

HOW TO these moves:

REVERSE LUNGES:  We talked about our lunges on Monday, and we’re bringing them back today.  But this time – we’re all stepping through them – no jumping.  Focus on form and on moving through BIG lunges.  Get low – make big 90 degree angles at your ankles, knees and hips.  Keep your chest lifted.  Moe with power, purpose & intensity.

Modification:  control your speed and lessen range of motion.

Intensification:  Add weights for extra resistance.

BEAST TO PLANK:  We talked about BEAST yesterday, and it’s coming back too!  Head onto all 4’s – with a nice flat back – shoulders over wrists, hips over knees.  Lift your knees and have them hover just 2 inches off the ground.  Now from here – jump or step to plank, then come right back to beast.  Keep ensuring your eye gaze is forward, hips are down and shoulders are over wrists.

Modification:  Remove the jump.  Step between the moves and break as needed.  This is a HARD one!!

Intensification:  Speed it up!  Jump through plank to beast, plank to beast.  Make sure you’re hitting each position through – perfect plank, then jump to perfect beast.

JUMPING JACKS:  It’s a classic and we couldn’t do a cardio challenge without the jumping jack!!  Hands and feet go out and in, out and in.  Challenging coordination and cardio at the same time.

Modification:  Stay low impact and simply tap one foot at a time out and in.

Intensification:  Add speed!  Move with power, purpose and intensity and GO FOR IT.

That is your final workout for week 1!  Whoop whoop you did it!!  How are YOU feeling in this moment?  Comment below – we want to support you and cheer you on.  Tomorrow we REST!!