We’ve made it through 3 workouts!! How are YOU feeling?  Really – I’m asking you … how are YOU feeling in this moment?  Proud for getting through 3 days?  Sore?  Excited for rest day?  Comment below – we really do want to know how you’re doing …

Yup – today is an active rest day.  It’s all part of the process.  What do I mean by active rest?  I want you to still move today.  Go for a walk.  If it’s a nice day where you are, head outside.  Enjoy the fresh air.  If it’s not nice out, find somewhere indoors.  Window shopping at the mall is always fun!!

15 minutes of walking.  That is your challenge today.

Now, if you are someone who already walks each day – say you have a dog, or you’re a walker already – I challenge you to walk an EXTRA 15 minutes.  So we’re going over and above what we usually do.  Got it?

Show us where you’re walking today … we’re all in this together and want to know your scenery today.