Week TWO!!  Woo Whoooo!!  I hope you took your rest day yesterday and you enjoyed every moment.  I warned you what was coming today – insert evil trainer laugh here.  Today, and for the rest of this week, we add in 20 seconds of HIGH intensity immediately following 20 seconds of MODERATE.  So keep in mind, we’re 40 seconds of work this week – and you should feel a difference from the first 20 to the second.  Then we take 20 seconds of rest and move into the next move.

Last week we learned all the moves that we’re using through the rest of the challenge.  Our Monday workouts are always the same – so your moves today are:

  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Plyo Lunges

Modify as needed.  Intensify as you’re ready.

20 seconds at MODERATE intensity  (breathing is starting to elevate – you can talk, but not sing)

20 seconds at HIGH intensity (breathing is deep & rapid – you can only say a few words before needing to pause for breath)

20 seconds of rest.

Repeat all 2-4 times.  You choose your level.

As we move into high intensity, the sweat should definitely be coming on!  So we want to see and celebrate your efforts! Post your sweaty selfie when you’re done today’s workout …

See you tomorrow 🙂