YEAY!!  We made it through day one – and you’re back for more 🙂  So proud of you!!  We are getting fitter each day – and having so much fun doing it.  Ok – some say my idea of fun is a little strange, lol!!  But you’re here – you showed up.  So you’re ready for it ..

Our intensity and time is the same as yesterday, and all week long.  So we’re still rocking out 30 seconds at MODERATE intensity – then 30 seconds of rest for each move … repeated 1-3 times.  You choose how many rounds you’re comfortable with.

Your exercises today are:

  • Side Lunges
  • Twisted Climbers
  • High Knee Skips

HOW TO each exercise:

SIDE LUNGES: Take a big step out to 1 side and bend that leg.  Keep the other straight.  Both feet should be pointing forward and flat on the floor.  Really sit into that bent leg, hinging your hip back.  Ensure your knee tracks towards your toes, but not past.  Then, pull back in together and repeat to the other side.

Modification:  Lessen your range of motion

Intensification:  Add weights for resistance

TWISTED CLIMBERS:  From a high plank position (shoulders over wrists, eye gaze ahead of hands, hips tucked under, straight line from head to heels) pull 1 knee in and rotate so it reaches towards your opposite elbow.  Step back to plank and repeat other knee – pulling in to opposite elbow.  Work to keep your upper body still – your chest should stay parallel to the ground and shoulders right over wrists.

Modification / intensification:  You control your speed!  Speed up to intensify, slow to modify.

HIGH KNEE SKIPS:  Imagine your running and skipping rope all at the same time.  Pull your knees up as you step and swing your arms like you’re skipping.

Modification / intensification:  You control your speed!  Speed up to a run to intensify, slow and march it out to modify.

And those are your moves for today!  You choose how many rounds to do … either 1, 2 or 3.  Push yourself to moderate intensity – so we really should be elevating the heart rate.  Not too breathless yet, but certainly get it up.

What has been your fave move so far in this challenge?  Comment below when you’re done with your workout …