DAY 19

Happy FRIYAY friends .. and happy day 19!  We’re in the final stretch!  We’ve got just 2 workouts left – and we’re going ALL OUT with these ones!  Let’s blast it right to the end …

Friday’s Workout:

  • Hip Dips
  • Beast walks
  • 180 squat jacks
  • You know the deal – 60 seconds of work ….
  • 30 at moderate, 20 at high, and the last 10 you’ll really BRING IT!!
  • Rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat all 3-5 times.

Comment below when you’re done – and here’s what I want to chat about today in the comments – your sleep & energy levels. Have you noticed a change with all this increase in cardio fitness?  Have you been sleeping better?  Have you been more energized through your days?  Have you felt anything different?  I’m curious to hear how ya’ll are doing … comment below today and let us know that you’ve done your workout today, and what your sleep & energy levels have been …