Functional Fitness Block 4: Drop Set!

About the Drop Set protocol:

Tone and build beautiful lean muscle with the drop set protocol!   Here’s how it’s done:

  • Set ONE: Perform 10 reps with a MEDIUM weight.  Complete all exercises in the set top to bottom.  Then …
  • Set TWO: Perform 6-8 reps with a HEAVY weight – and IMMEDIATELY drop to a LIGHT weight for another 12 reps!  Do this 1 each exercise, then move to the next.  20 reps back to back – 8 in HEAVY weight, then 12 in LIGHT.

Drop sets are SUPER POWERFUL at getting clients results – and they will LOVE the feeling of the burn!  When we drop to the lighter weight right after a heavy set … it’s extending the work in the muscles and it’s such an awesome burn!   Using this high-intensity training method, we’re essentially fatiguing one group of muscle fibers with the heavy weights, then by going lighter, we recruit a SECOND group of muscle fibers that weren’t working for us before. The more muscle fibers we recruit, the more beautiful lean muscle our bodies are able to form.

Recommended Weekly Split:

No matter how you chose to use the blocks … either stand alone, add on, or a mash-up from different months … This is our recommended weekly split calendar.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat/Sun
Pull Push Rest Core Functional Skills Rest

That said – you’re welcome to create your own calendar and do what works best for you and your clients.

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