Functional Fitness Block ONE: Intervals

INTERVALS is our protocol in this Functional Fitness BLOCK. We’re playing with work to rest times. 3 sets of work – decreasing work and rest time with each set: Set 1 = 60 secs work to 30 secs rest Set 2 = 40 secs work to 20 secs rest Set 3 = 30 secs work to 15 secs rest

Recommended Weekly Split:

No matter how you chose to use the blocks … either stand alone, add on, or a mash-up from different months … This is our recommended weekly split calendar.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat/Sun
Pull Push Rest Core Functional Skills Rest

That said – you’re welcome to create your own calendar and do what works best for you and your clients.

ABOUT The Functional Fitness Program:

Welcome to the Functional Fitness program … An ever-growing, unbranded fitness program, designed for coaches to download and easily share with their clients.


What Is Functional Fitness:

Squat.  Lunge.  Hinge.  Walk.  Rotate.  Push.  Pull.  These are the 7 functional movement skills we use in everyday life.  Functional Fitness trains all of these movements in a unique, fun, challenging, and inspiring way.


Why Functional Fitness in Important:

By mirroring the movements of daily life – like squatting, reaching, or even carrying a heavy object – building functional fitness can help increase the quality of life and reduce the risk of injury.  Functional Fitness basically makes daily life easier.