Day nineteen

Have you been challenged through these past 19 days?  Think about it. Where did you struggle?  When?  Around which day through the 21 days was it hard?  And then, around which day did it get easier?  Knowing this is so helpful for moving forward.  What did you do to break through the ‘hard’?  To keep going?  You did it – you pushed through.  Be proud 🙂  And why is it so important to be challenged and push through?

Your motivational message today:

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

I hope you felt challenged over these 21 days.  I hope it was hard, at least a little.  I know it’s harder for some than others – but I hope that you felt challenged, even a little.  Or maybe a lot!  The more of a challenge you felt – the more good things and change are coming your way 🙂

I feel it.  I know it.  Good things are here for YOU.  Energy.  Vitality.  Good sleep.  Good health.  Success.  And so much more.  It’s here and has your name on it.

Congrats on pushing through the challenge.  Congrats on showing up.  Congrats on all your effort.  Feel your awesomeness.

Your day 19 workout:

~  20 Jacks – jump or step through your jacks

~  20 Russian Twists – Feel the rotation.  Feel the reach back.

Repeat 3 times – then smash into your day with enthusiasm!

As we get super close to the end of this challenge – I really just want to leave you with this thought today – keep being challenged.  Please don’t ever get comfortable.  Nothing great comes from comfort zones.  Continue to be challenged.  Continue to strive for more.  To be better.  To become more.

If you’re starting to wonder “what’s next” after this challenge – reach out.  I have some online fitness programs that I know would be just awesome for you – to keep challenging and pushing you further.  Let’s chat about them

But first – comment below and let us know what your biggest challenge was through this challenge – and how you broke past it.