Day Three

We’re 3 days in – about now, for some it’s getting easier when that alarm goes off.  For others, the excitement of this new challenge is starting to wear off and it’s getting harder.  Either way – guess what you’re going to do?  You’re going to set that alarm, you’re going to go to bed early so you get your 7-8 of sleep, and when the alarm goes off, you’re going to GET UP.  Got it?

Your motivation message today:

Strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do.  Instead, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do.

Are you new to these morning workouts?  Did you question if you’d be able to do this challenge?  Did you think it sounded a bit nuts?  Well – you’re here – and doing it!  You are getting stronger and stronger with each day you pull that booty out of bed and get your sweat on!  I am SO PROUD OF YOU!

Day THREE workout:

~  10 Reverse Lunges

~  30 second plank

Repeat 3 times, then move on with your day!

For the lunges – make sure to take a big step back.  Bigger lunges are better!  And focus on bending the back knee down.  Keep your chest lifted and body in the middle, so there’s no pressure on your front knee!  Keep the knees tracking over ankles, not toes.

And for the plank – you can be on your knees or toes – but make sure you have a nice straight line from your head through your hips, to the floor.  Shoulders are right over wrists, eye gaze is ahead of hands, and core and hips are strong.  Hold it for 30 seconds.  Break if needed, but get right back in it.

CAN you do this??!!  YES, you can!  And since you can, you will.  And since you will, you MUST.  Get UP and just do it.  You’ll whole self will thank you for it 🙂 Comment below when you’re done … let us know how you’re feeling.