Day sixteen

Sixteen days!!  Feel that.  Own it.  Be proud.  Not many people can stick to creating new habits like this.  But you – you’ve got this!  We’re in the home stretch!  Keep getting up.  Why?  Read on for today’s message …

Your motivation message today:

If you want to make your dreams come true … the first thing you have to do is WAKE UP.

You CAN have anything.  You CAN create anything.  Know what you want out of life, then wake up and go get it.  Learn what you need to learn to become the person worthy of having it.  Do the work.  Put in the time.  Don’t waste it sleeping.  Yes – be sure you get your needed rest.  Then WAKE UP and go make shizz happen!

Ooooo – I’m fired up today!  But we’re in day 16 – so I’m feeling the excitement and energy too!

Out day 16 workout:

~  20 Band Bicep curls

~  20 crunches

Repeat 3 times then go make your dreams happen!! 

I believe in you.  If you are strong enough to control your alarm clock and get up for 16 days – you CAN do anything.

Comment below when you’re done – and I’d love for you to share a dream that you have that you’re going to really start to attack and work towards 🙂  THINK BIG.  Because life gets more fun that way!