Day fourteen

It’s day 14 – the final day of week 2.  It’s rest and reflect day. 

There’s no alarm today (unless you need one) – but you are welcome to sleep in today!  You’ve earned it.  Rest and know that it’s all a part of the process.  Rest is a part of this whole journey.  It’s NOT always about go go go.  Definitely not.  I encourage you to take time for you.  To rest.  To recover.  And today is rest day 🙂

But do take some time today to reflect.  We’ve made it to the end of week 2.  How did you do this week?  How did you sleep?  How did you wake up?  How did you feel upon wake up, and through the day?  How was your energy level?  Your mood?  How is your outlook on life?  Take time today to reflect.  How is your progress going through this challenge?  Is this beneficial to you?

Enjoy your rest and reflect day – and get ready for tomorrow as we kick off week 3!!