Day four

Welcome to day 4!  Hopefully by now, you’re feeling excited to get up a bit earlier – to claim this morning time for YOU.  To do something positive for you!

Today’s message of motivation goes right along with that …

Set a goal that makes you WANT to jump out of bed in the morning.

Let’s think about this for a moment … How amazing is that quote?  Especially for those of us who used to love the snooze button.  Instead – now have something so awesome going on in your world – something so amazing that we’re working towards – that we’re literally jumping out of bed each morning with excitement?!

Let’s use this challenge as that thing!  It’s 21 days of showing up.  21 days of commitment to ourselves.  We’re just a whole lot of awesome for being here and doing this!  YOU are awesome!!  Own that and get excited about it.

So for your day FOUR workout …

~  10 Squats

~  10 Shoulder Presses

Repeat 3 times.  Get it and get done.  Then head into your day!

Some tips for you today on these moves …

Squats – lower down like you’re sitting down in a chair.  Keep your chest lifted and have your booty going back.  Please never press forward into your knees.  Ensure your knees stay behind your toes.

Shoulder press – grab your resistance bands for this one – press your hands to the ceiling, and lower back down.  Keep your shoulders pressing down.  They may want to lift up.  Work to keep them down.

As always – comment below when you’re done.  The more you comment, the more you’ll show up.  We’re here for you – we support you.  We’re waking up together.