Day five

Tomorrow is FRIYAY, friends!  That means we’re heading into day 5!!  You are doing so amazing showing up for yourself each day so far this week.  Let’s keep it going!!

Your motivational message for today …

There’s rarely a bad time to exercise … but … morning workouts have been proven to burn more calories.

I don’t know about you – but if I can burn extra calories, for doing the same amount of work – sign me up!  I’m IN!!  And that’s really what happens with morning workouts.  It sets your whole day up for success.  It turns your body into a fat burning machine that lasts for hours after the workout.  So get up, go workout, and burn those extra calories while you move on through your day.

Day FIVE’s workout:

~  10 Jacks (jumping or stepping)

~  10 Russian Twists

Repeat 3 times – then crush it through your Friday!!

For the jacks – you’re welcome to jump through them, or tap side to side.  The key here is the arms go out and in at the same time as the legs move.  Working coordination.

For the twists – turn your upper body and reach back as far as you can. Really twist through, and feel your core firing up!  Keep your chin tucked into your chest, your belly button pressing into your spine, and get low!  Remember to breathe!  It helps to engage the core more.

Get UP – get your jacks and twists done – then post a quick comment to show your accountability – and you’re good!  Have the besets Friday ever – you’re showing up and earning it!!