Day seventeen

This really is amazing!  Here we are heading into day 17.  Do you have any idea of the positive impact you’re making?  By now – you’ve felt it in your own life I’m sure.  But – have you noticed people around you also starting to change?  Your energy is going to become contagious.  Your enthusiasm and optimism is going to spread.  Your impact is getting bigger.  And that is the most beautiful blessing!  Enjoy every moment of this!

Your motivational message today:

Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.

Because truly there IS something wonderful in each day.  Yes – we’re living in a time of complete chaos and there’s crazy out there.  But there is also so much good.  So much wonderful.  Focus on THAT.  Look for it.  And more wonderful will start to appear.

Day 17 workout:

~  20 Reverse Lunges  (Alternating 10 each leg)

~  60 second plank (take breaks as needed – but do not give up.  Get the 60 seconds done!)

Repeat 3 times, then head into your day looking for the wonderful!  It’s there!