Day eleven

We’ve made it past ½ way!  We’ve been climbing that mountain and we’ve made it to the top!!  Climbing can be hard!!  Building new habits can be hard.  But you’re here and we’re past ½ way!  The snowball effect will now take over.  The habit building gets easier.  Showing up each day gets easier.  Yes yes yes!!  You are crushing it!!!

Your motivational message today is:

Success comes to those who have the willpower to win over their snooze button!

Have you done it?  Have you won over your snooze button?  When that alarm goes off, are you able to get your booty moving?  It’s day 11, friends.  You CAN win!  I believe in you.  Take on that snooze button.  You just don’t need it anymore.

So let’s get to the Day 11 workout:

~  15 Squats (booty back, chest lifted!)

~  15 Shoulder press (hold onto the band, press up with power, and control it back down!)

YOU are a winner.  YOU are successful.  You have a whole crew here cheering you on.  Can you hear us?  We’re here for you!  Comment below when you finish the day 11 workout – and let us know what success means to you …