Day 20 – burpees!!

They had to come out at some point!  And since today is our last ‘workout’ (other than our final challenge tomorrow) – I figured today was the perfect day to bring out the burpees 🙂

Today’s epic workout:

  • 5 full push ups
  • 5 Squats
  • 5 Burpee push up
  • Repeat x3

Move one is a full push up.  Do what you can – modify if you need.  But be sure to keep challenging yourself.  Keep pushing and do you best each time to get even 1 more on your toes.

Move two is squats.  Getting us ready for the burpee!!  Get that booty back, keep your chest lifted, and squat it out!

Move three – the burpee!  Start standing – squat down – jump or step to plank – do 1 push up – back to squat, and stand up.  Easy peezy!!

You’ve so got this!!  Comment how much you LOVE burpees when you’re done …