Day 3 – Activating the quadriceps & core

It’s day three and today we’re bringing in even more muscles to help us master our push ups!  Today we’re engaging the quadriceps in our legs – and then also continuing with our plank/core work, and our SLAP push ups!  Your workout today:

  • ~ 30 second static wall sit
  • ~ 30 second static LOW plank
  • ~ 3 SLOW slap push ups
  • ~  Repeated twice

Let’s get started today with a good ‘ole wall sit!  Why?  Because it works!!  I want you to feel the front of your legs burning today.  This is really going to help you in your push ups as quad engagement is super helpful!

For your wall sit – lower yourself down so your knees are at a 90 degree angle .. your back should stay flat against the wall … and your knees over your ankles.  Just hang out there for a good 30 seconds.  YES it SHOULD be hard!!  Put your mind in your quadriceps (the big muscles at the top front of your legs).  Feel them shake and burn!  Feel the engagement.  Then take that feeling of engagement with you into your pushups.

Once you finish 30 seconds in your wall sit – next up today is a LOW plank.  Difference today is your are on your forearms.  Still keeping the same plank form – elbows right under shoulders … eye gaze ahead of hands .. core braced with hips tucked under.

And last today – We’re bringing in the SLAP push up – taking out the T (unless you still want it to help get your elbow alignment right) … and focusing on moving down as SLOW as possible!!  Power slap UP – then super slow and controlled on the way down!!  It’s only 3 push ups today!  So make ‘em good!!

Comment when you’re done!