Day 12 – Triceps & Push ups

It’s triceps day – hooray!!  I’m challenging you today with triceps push ups!  They’re not easy – I’m not gonna lie.  They take practice – but that’s what this challenge is all about.

3 moves today:

  • 5 Slap Triceps Push ups
  • 8 squats
  • 5 Modified Triceps Push ups
  • Repeat x3

The difference between a regular push up and a triceps push up is that your elbows track straight to the back.  Your hands come down a little lower on your body and closer together – then you brush your sides with your elbows … and as do the push up, your elbows go back, instead of out at 45 degrees as we talked about before.

We’re getting started first today bringing the SLAP back in our push up, focusing on feeling our elbows brushing our sides as we slap and power up.  5 reps.

Move 2 lets our arms rest for a moment as we blast out 8 squats.

Then back to triceps, but taking the slap out and rocking out 5 modified triceps push ups.  Knees down – still with elbows going back.

Note!!  Triceps push ups are hard.  If you’ve never done them before, do not worry if your range of motion is super small.  Just keep working at it. You’ll get stronger and stronger each time.

Comment below and let us know how it went today …