DAY 8 Strengthening the Stabilizers

Welcome back to our 21 day push up challenge!! We’re kicking off week 2 with a bang!!  Having a strong core is so crucial to successful push ups – so today is all about the core .. and challenging your balance and stabilization.

2 moves today – both in plank.  You’re welcome to drop to your knees at any point if you need – but keep the plank form with hips tucked under and a straight line from your head to the floor (knees or heels).

Move 1 is a plank shoulder tap.  From a high plank position with proper form – slowly and with control lift 1 hand and tap the opposite shoulder.  Lower down with control and repeat with the other hand.  Total of 10 reps.

Move 2 is low plank jacks.  In a low plank with your elbows right under shoulders, either jump both feet out and in together, or if you want to stay low impact, tap 1 foot at a time out to the side and back in.  Again 10 reps each.

The key with both these moves is to focus on keeping your upper body perfectly still.  Imagine there’s a glass of water on your back and you can’t spill it.  Fire up your stabilizers!!

You’ve got this!!!  Comment below when done.