Day 19 – triceps & beast!

This is the final stretch!  We’re in the last 3 days!  BEAST is coming back out today .. and 2 triceps moves.  The workout …

  • 5 Triceps dips
  • 5 plank to beast
  • 5 full triceps push ups
  • Repeat x3

We’ve done our dips before – so we’ve already talked about them.  Just be sure that the work comes from bending the elbows straight back and squeezing into the triceps.  It’s not about the hips going down and up, which quite often it turns in to.  Make sure you’re feeling that squeeze and work in the triceps to know you’re doing it right 🙂

Move 2 – we all love them (do we though??!!) Plank to beast!  Keep your back flat and hips down.  Hover those knees just 2 inches off the floor in beast.  And perfect plank form in the planks.  Jump through the moves or step.  You choose.

Move 3 – we’re bringing ‘em out!!  We’ve only got 3 days left!!  Full triceps push ups!!  If you struggle – know that’s ok!  These are HARD!!  Use the tips you’ve learned through the challenge.  Add a SLAP.  Modify on your knees.  Do whatever you need to do to get them done.  But keep those elbows pulling back and burn those triceps 🙂

Go ROCK it!!  Let us know when you’re done …