Day 1 – High Plank

Welcome to the 21 day Learn to Push Up Challenge!  So excited to be on this journey with you – guiding you through strengthening the muscles needed … to learning proper form … to encouraging you to successfully do your push ups.  We’re in this together.  So let’s get started …

The first step in learning to push up is learning proper form at the top.  Today we’re firing up the needed core muscles and working on our PLANK form – which is the top of the push up.

Make a straight line from the top of your head to your heels.  Be sure to have your shoulders right over your wrists, eye gaze just ahead of your hands, your core braced with hips tucked under.  Push some of the work back into your heels and fire up your quads.

We’re holding a static plank for 30 seconds … 2 times.  If you’re new to planks and 30 seconds is a stretch, that’s ok.  Feel free to drop your knees and break, then come right back in.  If you’re a plank master, go for 60 seconds!

Comment below when you’ve done your planks!  See you tomorrow for day 2.