Day 16 – Push & Pull

Let’s push & pull today!  We’re pushing through our push ups … and we’re pulling IN rocking out squat jacks!  Working upper, lower and core!  Let’s go!!!!

Today’s workout:

  • 8 push ups – modified or full
  • 8 squat jacks
  • 8 wide push ups – modified or full
  • Repeat x2

Move 1 is a regular push up.  You’re becoming a pro at these!  Push and challenge yourself.  If you’ve been modifying on your knees – perhaps try a few from your toes.

Move 2 is a squat jack – start with your legs in together – then either jump or step out into a big deep squat.  Focus here on the PULL back in together.  Squat out, and pull back in.

Move 3 is a WIDE push up – again you choose your level – but challenge yourself.  Modified or full.

Time to rock it – push and pull it!