Day 2 – T SLAP Push Ups

One of the keys to a successful push up is your hand placement and elbow angle.  In a push up, your hands should be just outside the shoulders, in line with your chest, and your elbows should angle back around 45 degrees.  Imagine your body is like an arrow and your elbows are the lines pointing back at the top.

The T SLAP is an excellent tool I use with many clients to help them get this alignment right -and at the same time help to give them the power to push UP!

Start lying down – extend your arms out to the sides to make a T.  Then bend your arms in to place your hands by your chest.  This move should give you the right 45 degree angle.

Now curl your toes under, brace your core, and with power SLAP those hands to the ground and push your body up as a solid plank up into the top plank position.  (If absolutely needed, keep your knees down, but do your best to push up from toes).

Give this a go 10 times.  Make a T, bend your arms in, tighten your core, SLAP the floor and press up.  Then lower down, drop to your knees if needed, and go again.  10 times,  Rest – then do another set of 10.

Let us know how you do 😉