Day 5 – Bringing in the Tricpes

Feeling good after your rest day? I hope so – but it’s back to work today!  Welcome to day 5 – Today we’re bringing our triceps to the party!  Your triceps are 3 little muscles at the top back of your arms.  They are super fun to work! Your workout today:

  • 5 Triceps dips
  • 5 Slap PU
  • Repeat X3

My tips for your triceps dips – make sure your shoulders are over your wrists, with your fingers pointing towards your feet.  As you bend your elbows to do the dip, keep them pointing straight back behind you.  Keep your shoulders down and neck long.  Don’t rush this move – keep it slow to really feel it working.

Then we’re upping the reps in your slap push ups to 5 today.  Do your best to complete all 5 reps from your toes, if possible, and not your knees.  But that modification is still there for you if you need it.  Complete the 5 and feel really good?  You’re welcome to do a few extra.  How many can you do in a row?

Complete your workout circuit 3 times today.  Comment below and let us know when you’re done 🙂