Day 13 – Let’s WORK our strength!

I’ve called this workout today – Let’s work our strength – because that is really what today is all about.  Strength.  Full body strength.  We’re using every muscle head to toe in just 3 moves:

  • 6 High low plank
  • 6 catchers (squat to plank)
  • 6 modified OR full push ups
  • Repeat x3

Move 1 is a high low plank.  Basically walking your hands from a high plank to a low plank, then back up again.  The key here is to keep your body controlled, so not opening side to side as you transfer your weight.  And – also you’ll need to keep pulling your wrists back under the shoulders each time you press back up.  Do you best to attack this move from your toes in a full plank – but drop to your knees if you need.  This takes upper strength!!

Move 2 is a catcher.  Working the legs, core and cardio here.  Basically, transition from a squat to a plank, then back to a squat.  Stay low in the squat – booty down and chest up!!  There’s no standing back up here.  Squat to plank .

And move 3 is a 6 regular push ups.  Your choice – modified on your knees – or option to get up on those toes and blast out 6 full push ups!

Comment below how you’re feeling when you’re done!  Strong?  Awesome?  Tired?  Booty Kicked?  We want to hear from you …