Day 15 – Side Planks

Week 3!!  Yippee!!  If you’re still pushing with us, you are crushing this I’m sure!!!!  And today I have a new challenge – the side plank!!

  • 15 second static side plank (each side)
  • 10 low plank side openers
  • Repeat x2

Start first holding a side plank.  Lots of options here – you can be on your elbow or hand (just make sure they are directly under your shoulders) … You can stack your feet or even drop the bottom knee.  Work at your level – whatever challenges YOU but allows you to still have good form.  This is still a plank, so your body should be in a nice straight line from the top of your head to the floor.  Don’t let your hips droop down – imagine there’s a string pulling them up.  Tighten the core!!

Move 2 – Start in an elbow plank with your hands stacked sideways in front of each other.  Roll to open into a side plank on 1 side – reaching up the ceiling – your body perpendicular to the floor.  With control roll back to plank (do not just drop down!!  Control it!).  Then open to the other side.  Tip is to have your feet wide so they can help guide you side to side.

How were your side planks today? Comment below when you’re done …