Day 6 – Progressing your Push ups

It’s been a great week so far working with the SLAP and using that to help us power our way UP in our push ups.  This is a great tip that you can always use through your push ups.  Today we are going to start taking it out and making our push ups more continuous.

But first – let’s have a little more fun with our slaps!   In this workout, we’re slapping UP with power, then holding strong in a high plank for 5-10 seconds.  Lower back down and do it again.  Slap UP with power – hold strong in the plank, lower back down.

Then – it’s time to take the slap out and work at connecting the push ups one to the next.  Together let’s blast out 6 in a row of modified push ups.  These are push ups on your knees.  NO they’re NOT girl push ups.  I’m not sure why some call them that.  They are still a push up and we are going to crush them today.  Just be sure to keep your hips tucked under and your body travelling in a plank.  No hips up in the air.

Your workout today:

  • 6 Slap to plank (hold 5-10 seconds)
  • 6 modified push ups
  • Repeat x3

How did you do today?  Let us know below …