Day 10 – Leg Day

It’s LEG day!!  YEAY!!  We talked last week about the importance of engaging your quadriceps in your push ups – and I hope you’re starting to feel that in the movements.  Trust me – pushing some of the work off your arms and into your legs is going to really help with your push ups!!  Use those quads!!  So today is LEG day to help strengthen. Day 10 workout:

  • 10 Squats
  • 5 Plank to beast
  • Repeat X2

Move 1 is a squat.  Start with feet about hip width apart and bend at the knees, like your sitting down in a chair.  Keep your chest lifted and booty going back.  Please never have your toes go forward past your knees.  Then squeeze through your booty and stand back up.  Repeat 10 times.  If you’re a squatter already, you’re welcome to add weights.

Next up is Plank to beast.  2 positions in this move that you either jump through or step.  You choose – impact or not.  You already know the plank – focus on all the points we’ve talked about.  Hips under, shoulders over wrists, eye gaze ahead of hands.  Now go from a plank, into BEAST!  What’s beast?  I’m glad you asked!!

Step both feet in towards so you make a table top.  Shoulders over wrists … back nice and flat … hips over knees.  The key here is knees hover 2 inches over the ground!!  So your hips do NOT go up!!  They stay down with a flat back.  It’s called BEAST because if you do it right, you need to be a BEAST to get through it.  Quads should be on fire.  JUmp or step for 5 reps from plank to beast then back to plank again.

How did you legs do today?  Which move did you like more?  Squats – or plank to beast?