Day 21 – The Final Challenge

Here we are!  Can you believe we made it??!!  Your final challenge day!  I’m sending you massive high fives and fist pumps for getting here!!

But before we can celebrate finishing, we need 1 final challenge.  Think back to how you felt on day one.  Think back to those very first push ups we did.  Remember your numbers from your last challenge days.  And think of all the work we have done engaging and strengthening the push up muscles.

And with all of that – go into today’s challenge feeling STRONG!

How many can you do in a row?

Modified push ups: _________

Full push ups: _____________

Modified  Triceps push ups: ________

Full Triceps push ups: _________

Be proud.  You have been working so hard over these last 3 weeks – feel it – own it – and just be proud of all the work you’ve done and progress you’ve made.