Day 20

Oh my goodness – friends!!  You did it!!!  Welcome to day 20 – our last official day of this 21 day lunge challenge!  If you stuck it out with us for the full time – CONGRATS!!!  Be proud.  Feel it – enjoy it.  You did it!!!

Well – almost did it.  There’s still today to get through, lol!!

It’s compound day – challenging your coordination to the limits by adding in upper moves in unison with lower moves!

You already know the reverse lunge to curls and the side lunge to upright rows.  You will get another go at both of those in today’s workout.  And we’re adding in a curtsey lunge with a lateral raise.  Here’s how to do it ..

For the lateral raise – hold light to medium weights in your hands, by your side, palms facing towards each other.  Keeping arms fairly straight, but with just a slight bend at the elbows, lift your arms out to the side until your hands are in line with your shoulders.  Control the weights back down.

TIP – if you need to use momentum or swinging, the weights may be too heavy.  I’d rather see you use lighter weights and really be able to move with control on the way up and the way down.

So now to combine together – as you do your curtsey lunge down, your arms will raise up.  Then as you rise up and tap back together, your arms will come down.  Coordination to the max!!  Arms and legs working together in unison!  You’ve been building up to this for the past 3 weeks.  YES. YOU.  CAN.

Today’s workout:

  • Single leg curtsey lunge with lateral raise – 10 reps each leg
  • Single leg reverse lunge with
  • hammer curls – 10 reps each leg
  • Single leg side lunge with upright rows – 10 reps each leg

How much FUN does that sound?  Lol maybe I have a strange idea of fun??  I know you’ve got this.  You’ve been training for this.  You’ve been working on the strength and endurance to do this.  You’ve been building the balance and coordination skills.  Now it’s time to put it all together.

Go blast out the final workout – and comment below with how you’re feeling when you’re done …

So proud of you!!