Day 2

YEAY!!  We survived day ONE 🙂  How are your legs feeling today?  You will start to feel this working soon – so be ready for it.

Today’s workout:

SINGLE LEG reverse lunges … 6 reps on each leg …  repeated 1-3 times

But before I send you off to do your lunges … A quick recap on form …

~ Feet stance is about hip width apart for balance

~ Length is a BIG step apart – big enough to allow all the 90 degree angles and the front knee doesn’t go past the toes!

~ Upper body is right in the middle between your legs, with your chest lifted

~ As we step back, we focus on bending the back knee – front will follow, but focus is on the back

~ As we raise up, we press up through the front heel

So today – We are going to be adding a step together between each lunge.  Yesterday we were static, meaning once our feet were planted, they didn’t come up until after all 6 lunges were done.  Today, each time we rise up, we tap our feet together up top.

Still continue to focus on just 1 leg.  So you’ll do all 6 reps on the right leg first, tapping in between each rep.  Then do all 6 reps on the left.  Again – option for 1-3 sets, depending on your fitness level.

TIP – now that we are lifting the back leg up between each step, balance is going to be extra challenged today!  Keep your core braced to help – and think TALL!  Imagine there’s a string pulling your head to the ceiling.  Even as you lower down into your lunge, still keep thinking tall.  That should help with balance.

CRUSH IT!!  Go get lunging – and comment below when you’re done 🙂