Day 6

It’s time to COMPOUND it!  The legs have been working so hard the past week with all the lunges, I think our arms want to come to the party too, don’t you think?

Today’s workout:

Reverse Lunge with a HAMMER CURL … 6 reps each leg … repeat 1-3 times.

Today is coordination day.  Our upper and lower will move together in unison.  We’re doing a reverse lunge AT THE SAME TIME as a hammer curl.  Here’s how …

  • Holding dumbbells in your hands, palms facing into the body …
  • Step back and lunge down with your right leg.
  • As you lunge down,  bend at your elbows to curl your hands up to your shoulders.  Keep your biceps pressing into your ribs and your elbows right below your shoulders.
  • Then … as you rise up out of your lunge, lower your arms back down.

OPTIONS!!  Depending on your fitness level .. you may choose which lunge you would like to do with your curls.  If you’re just figuring out these moves, stick to a static lunge with your curls.  Otherwise, you may choose to do a single leg OR alternating lunges.

This is our last day working with our reverse lunges.  Tomorrow we rest – then we come back together next week and start working on SIDE lunges.  So enjoy these lunges today.

As usual, comment below when you’re done today’s challenge and let us know how you did.  You’ve got this!