Day 10

You are CRUSHING IT!!  I’m so glad to have you here – and you’re going to be so glad to be here as we continue to progress and build on this challenge.

Today we ALTERNATE.  We’re changing legs with each lunge.  AND – we’re changing directions with each set as we move side to side and forward and back.

This is so incredibly good for you to train functionally like this!  And – training balance, coordination, endurance, strength and more!

So just like last week with our alternating – you’ll do just 1 rep on the right leg, then the next on the left.  With each rep you’ll alternate the lead foot.

Today’s workout:

Alternating side lunges – 8 reps each leg (16 total)

Alternating reverse lunges – 8 reps each leg (16 total)

Repeat all 1-3 times

Curious if you have a preference of lunge yet – the side or reverse lunge?  Which do you prefer?  Comment below …