Day 8

Week 2!!  Boom YEAH!!!  You are doing AWESOME – and this week is going to be so fun!

Last week we focused purely on REVERSE lunges.  We went from static, to single leg, to alternating, balance and compound.  We’re going to follow that same daily format again this week – but with SIDE lunges with our REVERSE lunges.  Let’s get started ..

I LOVE side lunges!!  They are a totally different feel to reverse lunges as now we’re working your inner and outer thigh muscles.  And instead of working forward and back, now we’re working laterally – side to side.  It’s so important to train moving in different directions.

Monday is STATIC day – where we really focus on lunge FORM.  So let’s break down the form in a side lunge:

You’re going to start with your feet wider than shoulder width apart.  Bend your right knee and have it tracking towards your toes, but remember to never go past (yup – protecting those knees again!)  Also make sure your knee doesn’t cave in or track wider than the toes.  Keep everything in good alignment.   Hold there for a moment while we do a quick form check …

  • Both feet should be pointing to the front – with both feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • Your right knee is bent and tracking over your toes, but not past, in or out.
  • The left leg is straight.
  • Your chest is lifted and eyes are up.

Booty is going down and towards the back, so you have a slight hinge at the hips.

Now the fun part – we’re staying static today, so keep your feet on the ground in your wide stance … but now it’s time to pull back up!  This is the FUN part of the side lunge!!  The PULL back up!  Really use the power from your inner thighs here to help pull you up.

Complete all 8 reps on the right leg, then 8 on the left.  Yes – I said 8 reps!  We’re upping the challenge even more this week.  Last week we did 6 reps.  This week is 8!

And guess what?  Not only are we doing side lunges today .. but we’re also bringing in the static reverse lunge again …

Today’s workout:

Static side lunges – 8 reps each leg

Static reverse lunges – 8 reps each leg

Repeat all 1-3 times

What do you think of the side lunge?  Comment below and let us know