Day 5

It’s day FIVE!  You had rest yesterday, so today you should be ready to ROCK back at the LUNGE PARTAY!

Today is BALANCE day.  Your workout …

Reverse lunges with a knee lift … 6 reps on each leg …  repeated 1-3 times

We’re going back to SINGLE LEG reverse lunges today, like we did in day 2.  BUT!  Instead of tapping our foot in at the top of the lunge, today we’re adding in a knee lift.

Here’s how …

Lunge back with your right leg – following all the FORM points we talked about earlier in the week.

Then … press up through your front (left) heel to rise up out of your lunge.  Continue bringing your right leg back in, and as you stand up nice & tall, lift your right knee and hold the balance for a moment.  Lower your right leg back into another lunge.  Complete all 6 reps on the right, lunging & balancing … then do the left.

TIP!!  ENGAGE your muscles!!  Really feel the core tightening up to help balance.  Continue to think TALL as we talked about a few days ago.  And – feel the glutes and quads engaging in your supporting leg.

Challenge yourself.  How long can you hold the knee lift in each lunge?  1 second?  5?  10?  Today is all about focusing on your balance, stabilization and control.

When you’re done today’s challenge, post a selfie pic of your best ‘flamingo’ pose (balancing in your knee lift)