Day 1

Day ONE!  It’s time to LUNGE it UP!!  Ready?  Let’s goooo..

We’re kicking off our lunge challenge today with a simple STATIC reverse lunge.  I’ve put this on day one for the main reason of focusing on FORM.

FORM is KEY in being successful with lunges – so let’s kick this off right.  Today’s post will be the LONGEST as we have the most to cover.  I want to get us started right with the lunge form.

I feel reverse lunges are the best way to learn proper lunge form as the movement goes backwards – thereby working to protect the front knee.  I’m all about protecting our precious knees!!

Let’s first talk about our stance and foot placement through the lunge …

Question for you – do you think it’s easier to balance on a tightrope … or railway tracks?

I trust you said railway tracks 🙂  It is much easier to balance with our feet about hip width apart, then in a straight line, like a tightrope.  So that is your first thing to think about in your lunges.  Ensure you’re never on a tightrope.  Keep those feet wider for balance.

Got it?  Ok let’s get started…

Take a big step BACK with your right foot – yes a good big step!  Big lunges are better than small.

Then … bend your knees, with the focus on bending the BACK knee down to 90 degrees.  This will cause the front knee to also bend, but I don’t want you thinking of bending the front.  This will help protect that front knee.  Keep most of the bending focus on lowering the back knee.

Keep your chest lifted the whole time – your upper body should not lean forward.  Why?  Because leaning forward will put pressure on your front knee.  Keep your body right in the middle between your legs and stay lifted.

Notice a theme here yet?  I’m teaching you all the ways to NOT put pressure on your front knee.  If you start to feel knee pain, check in on all the things we’re talking about here, and correct them.

OK so now that we’re at the bottom of the lunge, let’s talk form.  Your feet are about hip distance in width apart.  Your ankles, knees and hips should be at 90 degree angles.  Your back knee reaching almost to the floor, your front thigh parallel to the ground.  Your front knee is over your ankle, NEVER past your toes (protecting the knees!!)  Your chest is lifted.  Smile on face (optional!)

To come up, press through your front heel, squeeze your legs and stand up – KEEPING YOUR FEET on the ground.  This is a static lunge today.  Once you have your feet placed perfectly where we want them, we’re just focusing on bending and extending back up.

Perform 6 reps of lowering and coming up on the right – then another 6 on the left.  Take your time getting your feet positioned exactly where we want them.  Far back enough so as you lower, your front knee tracks over the ankle, and hip width apart for balance.

You have the option to repeat 6 reps on each leg 1-3 times.  If this is your first time lunging, once is enough for today.  As you get stronger and more comfortable, you’re welcome to increase the sets through the 21 day challenge.

And that’s it for today.  Take your time with it.  Adjust your stance as needed to hit all the form checkpoints.  Don’t rush your lunges.   Feel the wobble.  Feel the fatigue set in.  These are all good things that will help you get stronger and more stable.

Phew this was a LONG post!!  They will be shorter moving forward, but we had to really dive into form today.  I hope it was helpful.

Comment below when you finish your day 1 workout – and let us know how you did 🙂