Day 13

YEAY!!  This is our final day of week 2!!  You are crushing this lunge challenge!!  You are getting stronger in so many wonderful ways and I’m so proud of you!  I hope you are starting to really feel the strength and balance improving – and you’re feeling proud of YOU too!

Today we’re compounding it.  We up the challenge every day – and today we’re adding in the upper again with the lower.

Last week we blasted out our reverse lunges with hammer curls.  We’ll be doing a set of those again, but first let’s chat about our new move for today …  Side lunges with upright row.

For the upright row – we’re working shoulders.  Hold 2 weights in your hands in front of your hips, palms facing towards your body.  Keeping the weights super close to you, pull your elbows up so they go above your shoulders.  Then – press the weights back down and straighten your arms out.

Tip – keep your shoulders pressing down through the whole move!  And – don’t just drop the weights to lower.  Instead – feel like you’re pressing down into wet cement and really resist gravity on the way down.  Makes it more fun 🙂

So to combine – step to the side to do your side lunge.  Frame your calves with the weights. Then pull back in to stand center.  Pull the weights up into an upright row – push the weights back down.  Then lunge to the left and back in.  So you’ll complete a full side lunge – then complete the row – then to the other side.

Today’s workout:

Compound alternating side lunges with upright rows – 8 reps each leg (16 total)

Compound alternating reverse lunges with hammer curls – 8 reps each leg (16 total)

Repeat all 1-3 times

We wanna see you after this challenge today!  Post a sweatie selfie below so we can see you and celebrate how far you’ve come already!