Day 3

The lunging party is going strong!  Today is already day 3!

Today’s workout:

ALTERNATING reverse lunges …6 reps on each leg (12 total lunges alternating)  … repeated 1-3 times

The difference from yesterday to today …

Yesterday was SINGLE LEG lunges, so we tapped in after each lunge then completed all 6 reps on the 1 leg.  Today we’re going to change legs with each lunge.  So you’ll step back and lunge with the right foot, raise and pull back in, then lunge with the left foot.

Yes – we’re continuing to throw your balance off even more by having you change feet with each lunge.  Keep that core tight and watch your foot placement each time.   You’ve got this!

We’re still doing the same number of lunges – it’s still 6 each leg – but we’re alternating now, so it’s 12 total lunges.  Make sense?  Complete this set 1-3 times, depending on your fitness level.

How did alternating go for you today?  Post an emoji below showing how you did today …