Day 21

Happy Sunday and happy final day of our 21 day challenge!  Today is just a day to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come.

But first – if you missed a day this week, this is your chance to play catch up and get it done.  You don’t want to miss anything through this challenge!

And once you’re all caught up, I want you to think back to week 1 – to day 1 even.  How were those first few lunges?  How was your balance, strength and coordination?  Did you struggle to get through them?

How did you make out this week?  Do you feel stronger?  Do you feel proud?

Today is all about reflection.  Take a few minutes and really think, feel, and be proud of what you’ve done over the last few weeks.  You did it.  You put in the work.  You stayed consistent.  You got it done.

Take the time to feel all the feels.  This IS a big accomplishment.  And then reach out and let’s chat about what’s next.  I’ve got more awesome in store for you – let’s chat about it …